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I am a Instructional Technologist interested in how to improve learning with online delivery. I enjoy working with Photoshop and Flash.

Enhancing Online Classes with Video

One of the elements I include in my online classes is a short (8 to 10 minutes) introductory video to each Lesson. These are not professionally done (unless you consider me a professional) and seem to be something the online … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Adobe Suite CS5

Adobe has announced a new CS5 version of their Creative Suite. Even though educators can get a hefty discount for these applications, there is still a cost. Not only is there a cost, but like so many software programs, the … Continue reading

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A new blog on instructional technology

This is the beginning of a new blog on the use of instructional technology to help students learn. It will share ideas and suggestions for the efficient use of technology in the classroom. It will also review new Web 2.0 … Continue reading

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